About MooMooForex

Milk the most out of Forex trading with MooMooForex by using our specially built Indicators, Strategies, and Signals.

MooMooForex is out to prove that you do not need high speed connections and big bank accounts to make money when trading FX. With products designed for the individual, our goal is to create a set of indicators and signals that almost anyone can use to meet their FX Trading needs.

After research into the various FX Brokers and their software available online, we chose FXCM – one of the world’s leading forex brokers – as the best choice for us and our users.

By leveraging FXCM’s Trading Station and MarketScope systems, we have ensured that MooMooForex and our users have access to excellent training and research, supportive documentation and forums, and most importantly, top-of-the-line tools. For the individual, FXCM’s MarketScope offered superior back-testing and optimization tools allowing the users the greatest chance of success – and that is important to us.

Please enjoy our ever-increasing offering of indicators, strategies and signals. If you are interested in our research, please enjoy our research blog.