Shock and Retrace on m1

A bit of a distraction from the Trend work but I was asked by FXCM to provide some data for the Shock and Retrace strategy. They preferred more trades so suggested using the m1 timeframe. To be honest, the strategy was not designed for such short timeframes but the idea is solid and still is […]

First live strategy

After doing some significant testing, I’ve decided to go with the Panic and Retracement strategy for extreme movements. The inputs for this I will go with are: Change Units                                                  3 (Pips) Change Bars                                                   1 Change Threshold                                          120 pips Take profit                                                       120 pips Stop loss                                                         120 pips Amount at one lot, […]

Panic and Retracement Implementation

I have now implemented the panic and retracement strategy – called PANIC1 for now. It looks like this strategy can be used in two ways. 1)    The original design of this strategy, i.e., a large sudden move in the order of several standard deviations, with the expected retracement afterwards. This of course does not happen […]

Strategy Idea: Panic and Recovery

How about this for a strategy. Panic Recovery 1: If there is a sudden spike in the market, assume there will be a retracement. Open position if the price moves a lot (standard deviations or pips based off range of previous n bars)… Once we have a close that closes lower than the open of […]