General Strategy Improvements

So as I was reviewing the trades placed last week, my TREND_REV strategy (still in development) placed a trade near market close on Friday. OMAR_TREND_REV:2013/11/15 14:25:15 Enter BUY 16000@93.82300 Bid: 93.79800 Ask: 93.82300 TakeProfit: 95.64800(1.85000) Stop: 92.87200(0.92600)      11/16/2013 06:25:15   93.796 Let’s see… Bid: 93.79800 Ask: 93.82300 … Ask minus Bid, that’s 2.5 pips… okay not […]


Today I did a bit of research into orders. I think there are a couple of simple order strategies that might be easy to implement and they could pay off. Need to learn more about the different order types first though. Standard Order Could be used to trade the news or when there is high […]