Weekend Maintenance and Tick Data: Just how much can we really get?

Recently, I have been receiving a lot of customization/development requests for tools that use tick data, and I think that’s great. It is great that people realize that tick data can be useful, and try to integrate it into their trading. However, sadly, tick data is very difficult to work, often crashing Trading Station if we have […]

FXCM App Store – First Round Complete

Today’s post is just a quick plug for MooMooFX’s MarketScope extensions on the FXCM App Store as we received an update from FXCM that we would like to share with you. The Shock Retrace MarketScope strategy extension is now live on the FXCM App Store. It comes bundled with the Price Delta Indicator as well […]

Strategy configuration goes off

Just a quick warning. Today I was backtesting my existing live strategies and a couple of them were producing shocking results. There’s no way I would run this strategy live with these results, I thought to myself. Something was suspicious. Now, Trading Station has a habit of crashing occasionally. This happened to me once before […]

VPS and Trade Frequency

After implementing the Panic and Retracement strategy, it kind of hit me that I need some way to have my strategies running all the time (so not just on my laptop). It’s particularly important for strategies like Panic and Retracement where the trade frequency is only a handful per year. I have now applied and […]

First day: Best systems and lessons learned.

After looking into FXPro, their system was immature and didn’t offer a lot of functionality. Therefore, I’ve decided to stick with FXCM. So since this is the first journal post, here’s the current situation. FXCM’s Trading Station is an excellent tool for day trading. They have another tool called MarketScope 2.0 which offers charting and […]