Strategies, Signals and Add-ons

MooMooFX has completed developing of strategies, signals, and add-ons ready for use in FXCM Trading Station and MarketScope. All of the strategies are designed to be as flexible as possible allowing the user to configure almost every aspect of the strategy. The strategies also support MarketScope's BackTester and Optimizer to ensure the user can tune the strategy to their risk appetite and liking. All strategies, signals, and add-ons offered here are the product of the research done by MooMooFX and are put through a quality control process with FXCM before being released on the FXCM Apps Store. Additional information can be found in the links below. For anything else, please use the Contact link to contact MooMooFX directly with any questions.

Currently Available Strategies, Signals, and Add-ons

Once a strategy or add-on has been developed, it is put through a quality control process to ensure it is user friendly and as bug free as possible so you can have confidence in what you are buying.

In addition to the above, MooMooFX is constantly researching FX Trading, new strategies and add-ons are constantly being developed. Unfortunately, to protect our ideas we cannot reveal any details about our current developments, but if you have a particular methodology you are interested in then we may already have something in the works that could suit you. If not, perhaps your idea could be great base for a custom development. Please use the Contact link to let us know all about it and we will get back to you.