FXCM Spread Changes re-visited!

Hi everyone, You should all be aware of FXCM’s recent spread changes. If not, please read this post. Today, I was running some manual unit tests against the SuperTrend strategy on some old test data. The tests failed, but in a good way – they reported the strategy had made more money than before. Specifically, this […]

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Forex Links

I have decided to remove the Links section from my site given its new design. However, I do not want to lose the links I had before so I have decided to enter them into this post to keep a record. The following Forex Blogs occasionally have good content or news and are worth keeping an eye […]


FXCM Pricing Changes

I’m not sure if this is a global FXCM change or specific to FXCM Australia, but FXCM AU have announced via email that they are rolling out pricing changes tomorrow! If you have not received the email and it is applicable to you, here is the summary from the email. FXCM is taking the next steps […]



Hi all, just some updates. The extended (4 months and ongoing) summer vacation (which is coming to an end shortly) has given me much time to think about this site and my research. I have decided to commit to the following three things over the coming months: – Site Upgrade: I will be upgrading the site to a […]

Real Volume Indicator

Real Volume Indicator

If you have not seen it yet, FXCM have produced a Real Volume Indicator. This is a fantastic move for traders as this information has been critically missing. If you don’t know about it, you can read more on the DailyFX page here: http://www.dailyfx.com/forex_forum/tradera-s-tool-box/632673-real-volume-transaction-indicators-only-available-fxcm.html and you can also watch the Webinar on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1K8mfnOwJg I have been playing with […]

Price Data Exporter

Price Data Exporter

Hi everyone, Just an update since I am still travelling. I am now about halfway through my travels but I have found some time to do some more work. I would like to advertise one of my recent products that passed the FXCM quality testing. Introducing the Price Data Exporter. A simple tool that allows the […]


Summer Holidays

Please note that I will be on a very long summer holiday this year and thus my replies to emails may be limited as not all the places I am staying at have internet. However, I still plan on continuing my research here and there (mainly on planes) and I may still update some articles […]

Multiple Instruments Featured

Trading multiple strategies/instruments and max draw-downs

Hi all, One thing I’m greatly interested in at the moment is branching out my fleet of strategies. Ideally I would like to have multiple uncorrelated strategies trading at the same time such that when one is in draw-down, the other is making money. Not only does this apply to multiple different strategies trading simultaneously, but […]

Scaling, Entry Price, Net Price, and Martingale

To win at forex, it ultimately comes down to your net position and final close price. So, every time we enter into an existing position, we modify our net position in hope that our final position will be in profit…. but does it really work? For the longest time, I believed that scaling in or out […]