What about weekend maintenance and all that?

Unfortunately, despite setting up all of the above, there can be times such as weekend maintenance when FXCM’s servers are taken offline. This usually results in our connection being lost and our account being logged out. The main challenge with this is we have no way of knowing this has taken place, and we will not automatically try to login again.

FXCM Weekend Maintenance

Even if one was to detect this and try to login again immediately, it would fail as the servers are undergoing maintenance.

An ideal solution would be for FXCM Trading Station 2 itself to automatically poll the server and auto-login, but alas we do not have that benefit.

An alternative solution would be to schedule a process to terminate Trading Station one hour before market open, allowing it to automatically restart and login. Alternatively still, you could actually login to your VPS at least once a week at this time to check the server health and login to Trading Station.

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