How do I make Trading Station automatically login for me?

Automatic login is possible with Trading Station via the command parameters. Therefore, one can create a batch (.bat) file to run Trading Station and automatically login by following these steps:

1. Go to start > programs > notepad > copy and paste this into the document:

cd “C:\Program Files (x86)\CandleWorks\FXTS2”
start FXTSpp UserName:XXXX Password:XXX Profile:XXXX

* Remove the ‘start’ if you would like the batch file process to hang around.

2. Type in your username, password and profile (Real or Demo) where you see the XXXX place holders.

Please make sure you keep the spaces between the username, password and profile.

3. Click file, then save as. Choose “all files” under the save as type option. Name the file and enter .bat after the file name (i.e. FILENAME.bat).

4. Save the file on your desktop or another location if you prefer.

Now you will be able to double click on the .bat file on your desktop to automatically log into your account.

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