Site and Services Shutdown 2019

Thank you to all those who have supported MooMooFX over the years. Unfortunately, all good trends come to end at some point and so with that said, it is time for MMFX to say farewell and part ways. MMFX is no longer operating and this site is shutting down effectively August 2019. Good luck to […]



Hi all, just some updates. The extended (4 months and ongoing) summer vacation (which is coming to an end shortly) has given me much time to think about this site and my research. I have decided to commit to the following three things over the coming months: – Site Upgrade: I will be upgrading the site to a […]


Summer Holidays

Please note that I will be on a very long summer holiday this year and thus my replies to emails may be limited as not all the places I am staying at have internet. However, I still plan on continuing my research here and there (mainly on planes) and I may still update some articles […]