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Price Data Exporter Application Update

As of recent, it has come to MMFX’s attention that the PriceDataExporter application is no longer working in the new version of Trading Station 2 or SDK3. This is currently being investigated incoordination with the respective application develop support teams to determine a solution we can implement.

At this moment, the application in question writes data out to a csv file whenever there is a price update – either tick or bar. It utilizes the setvbuf function to make sure the data is written out immediately and made available immediately to externally consuming applications, which is key given the price/time nature of the data. However this function is no longer available in the new SDK.
The developers are aware of the problems and acknowledge the changes have broken the backwards compatibility in this particular situation resulting in the current production TS version not to include the functions that are necessary to execute this application.
A workaround is being determined in the meantime. A new post will be put up when the outcome is determined.
Thank you for your patience and sincere apologies.
*** New Update As of January 29th
With the assistance of various support teams, the PriceDataExporter application has been fixed with a work around.  Thank you.
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