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Resetting Average and Bollinger Bands

Recently I have been experimenting with a new concept I came up with. One thing that really bugged me about moving averages, and all indicators that used moving averages internally (which is a lot, like Bollinger Bands etc), is that often the data is thrown off because of a spike in the market. The classic case is […]

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Markets Change – accept it

One of the biggest challenges to automated trading is that, over time, strategies seem to lose their edge. This effect is often referred to as the the Alpha Decay. But, why would a strategy that has been working for months or years suddenly stop working? Well, the answer is simply that the market changes. I am not talking about […]


FXCM Spread Changes re-visited!

Hi everyone, You should all be aware of FXCM’s recent spread changes. If not, please read this post. Today, I was running some manual unit tests against the SuperTrend strategy on some old test data. The tests failed, but in a good way – they reported the strategy had made more money than before. Specifically, this […]

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Forex Links

I have decided to remove the Links section from my site given its new design. However, I do not want to lose the links I had before so I have decided to enter them into this post to keep a record. The following Forex Blogs occasionally have good content or news and are worth keeping an eye […]