Hi all, just some updates.

The extended (4 months and ongoing) summer vacation (which is coming to an end shortly) has given me much time to think about this site and my research. I have decided to commit to the following three things over the coming months:

– Site Upgrade: I will be upgrading the site to a slicker template and moving to a dedicate domain and host, allowing me to have greater control over the site’s functionality.

– Further Product and Research Releases: I have a list of indicators and strategy ideas that have been on the back-burner for too long and I would like to develop them and put them out there for all to use. Additionally, I plan on polishing up and releasing previous indicator and strategy developments that I have done in my research that could be useful for traders with other goals than mine, particularly those out there that day trade.

– Online Store: The FXCM approval process has been taking longer and longer. The SuperTrend strategy took almost 6 months to complete the process, and at no fault of the strategy. FXCM’s compliance team were busy apparently. This wait has lead me to decide to introduce an online store component to the site to allow people to access products pre-FXCM approval if desired. This will allow me to get the latest research products out there faster.

So stay tuned for the updates (when the vacation is completed!)

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