Real Volume Indicator

Real Volume Indicator

If you have not seen it yet, FXCM have produced a Real Volume Indicator. This is a fantastic move for traders as this information has been critically missing.

If you don’t know about it, you can read more on the DailyFX page here: and you can also watch the Webinar on YouTube here:

I have been playing with it a little bit and it looks pretty cool. I was pretty quick to drop it on a Back-tester window and try to devise some strategies using it but unfortunately it is not supported in the Back-tester. When I asked my contacts at FXCM about this, I was told that the data it uses cannot be simulated in the back-tester and it is simply not supported. Darn!

However, I was assured that you can write strategies which consume this indicator but of course they need to be run live. I personally am not a big fan of trading strategies without back-testing them but if you guys want to, let me know!

For now, I’m considering writing a tool to dump out the data to an external file or database that I can then use for my backtesting.

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