Price Data Exporter

Price Data Exporter

Hi everyone,

Just an update since I am still travelling. I am now about halfway through my travels but I have found some time to do some more work. I would like to advertise one of my recent products that passed the FXCM quality testing.

Introducing the Price Data Exporter. A simple tool that allows the user to export their own price data to an external file (CSV etc). This tool supports both historical and live bar data, and even live tick data.

It is worth noting that the spread on FXCM servers changes depending on your account type and location so it is often the case that a demo account does not match your production account. By using this tool you can export the historical data from any account you wish and perform an external analysis, empowering you to make better decisions.

For more information, please see the Price Data Exporter page.

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