Strategy configuration goes off

Just a quick warning. Today I was backtesting my existing live strategies and a couple of them were producing shocking results. There’s no way I would run this strategy live with these results, I thought to myself. Something was suspicious.

Now, Trading Station has a habit of crashing occasionally. This happened to me once before as I configured some new strategies, only to find after it restarted it had lost all the configuration. Ever since then, I’ve been documenting the configuration for the winning strategies that I’m running in a more structured manner.

So, I cross referenced this configuration to what was running live, and one of my parameters had gone from True to False (this one controls risk/reward ratios so suddenly my risk reward ratio was sky high). Because of this, I’ve decided to go even further and run backtests for a fixed period, against a fixed account size, on all my strategies and save each of the backtesting results. I’ve also documented in excel the Profit, #Trades etc. so all I need to do is open my saved backtesting projects, re-run them, and compare the output to my spreadsheet. This is even easier than checking each configuration parameter, so I can regularly check my strategies.

So, just a tip for you, maybe something to check regularly because this could have easily lead to losses.

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