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My existing continuation and panic/retracement strategies have been live for two weeks and not made any trades yet … I’m getting impatient. The ideas behind the strategies are solid, so why not give them a crack on other currency pairs.

I’ve discovered the following strategies. Obviously some work better than others, so the ones I have more confidence in will be run with a higher amount. Let’s see how these go over time.

It’s worth noting that running so many strategies at a time could lead to a ridiculous number of trades executed at the same time if the market is right. This also means are large amount of margin is being used up.

Being mindful of this, I have put lower amounts if I have multiple strategies running on the same currency pairs. Additionally, I do not use up more than 1% margin on each trade so it would take close to a 100 trades to use up all my margin and I simply don’t have that many strategies.

Something to think of anyway.

Panic and Retracement

AUDJPY(h1)    Pips,Bars(1),Direction(True),Threshold(119)

  • Reversal(False),Profit(100),Multi(False),Smart(No),Stop(120)
  • **** Loses during 2008 GFC

AUDJPY(h1)    Pips,Bars(1),Direction(True),Threshold(118)

  • Reversal(False),Profit(500),Multi(False),Smart(No),Stop(Trailing – 300)

EURJPY(h1)     Pips,Bars(3),Direction(True),Threshold(100),

  • Reversal(False),Profit(200),Multi(False),Smart(No),Stop(120)
  •  **** Loses lots of money in 2009-2011


AUDJPY(m5)    Pips,Bars(48),55à68,Trend(5),

  • Profit(185),Close(True),Reversal(True), Smart(Yes – 1.0),Stop(80)

USDJPY(m5)    Pips,Bars(1),50à90,Trend(1),

  • Profit(150),Close(False),Reversal(False),Smart(Yes – 1.3),Stop(80)
  • Very bad during 2008

USDJPY(m5) Pips, Bars(48),50à70,Trend(3),

  • Profit(130),Close(False),Reverse(False), Smart(Yes – 1.0),Stop(80)

USDJPY(m5) Pips, Bars(48),80à130,Trend(3),

  • Profit(150),Close(False),Reverse(False), Smart(Yes – 0.8),Stop(60)
  • Very bad during 2008

USDJPY(h1)    Pips,Bars(3),55à85,Trend(1)

  • Profit(150),Close(True),Reversal(True),Smart(Yes – 1.1),Stop(70)

AUDJPY(h1)    Pips,Bars(48),65à85,Trend(1)

  • Profit(150),Close(False),Reverse(False), Smart(Yes – 1.0),Stop(90)

EURUSD(h1)    Pips,Bars(1),50à100,Trend(2)

  • Profit(100),Close(False),Reverse(False), Smart(Yes – 0.02),Stop(60)

AUDUSD(h1)     Pips,Bars(3),40à55,Trend(5)

  • Profit(150),Close(True),Reverse(True), Smart(Yes – 0.02),Stop(120)

AUDUSD(m5)    Pips,Bars(48),50à100,Trend(2)

  • Profit(100),Close(False),Reverse(False), Smart(Yes – 0.02),Stop(90)

EURNZD(h1)     Pips,Bars(3),60à120,Trend(5)

  • Profit(125),Close(True),Reverse(True), Smart(Yes – 0.03),Stop(100)
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