VPS and Trade Frequency

After implementing the Panic and Retracement strategy, it kind of hit me that I need some way to have my strategies running all the time (so not just on my laptop). It’s particularly important for strategies like Panic and Retracement where the trade frequency is only a handful per year.

I have now applied and received my VPS via BeeksFX for free via some partnership with FXCM.

Username: Administrator


  • Trading Station doesn’t auto-login so I used a batch file to login and then auto-converted that batch file to an executable
    cd “C:Program Files (x86)CandleworksFXTS2”
    FXTSpp UserName:<username> Password:<password> Profile:Demo
  • The exe has to remain running if the BeeksFX POM application is going to run it on start up/auto-start.
  • I downloaded the Wyse Pocket Cloud application for the iPhone and can configure the RDP connection on there too for connectivity in emergencies.
  • I needed to upload the Indicators and Strategies accordingly to the FXTS folder of course.
  • I need to make sure the email configuration is setup accordingly to use my ISP’s SMTP server.

Now that it is all set up, let’s see how the VPS goes.


Next thing is trade frequency. The Panic and Retracement strategy hopefully will be a success, but it doesn’t trade very frequently. My next challenge is to put together a strategy that can trade more often, probably something like scalping.

I have been staring at the m5/m15 charts for a while and there are a lot of classical ups and downs taking place, around 40 or 50 pips which isn’t a lot but it would be great to able to tap into those trading opportunities.

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