MMFX has Officially Shutdown 2019

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Learning and Research

Want to learn something new? Looking for new trading ideas? Here at MooMooForex we are constantly doing FX Research so try searching through our Research Blog, we might have already looked at the perfect thing for you...

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Indicators and Views

We have developed indicators that are ready for use in FXCM Trading Station and MarketScope. Some indicators are commonly known in the field of trading, and some indicators have been the product of the research done by MooMooForex.

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Strategies and Other Tools

We have a range of strategies/signals and add-ons available, all designed to be as flexible as possible allowing you to control almost everything. Strategies also support MarketScope's Strategy Backtester and Optimizer to ensure you can tune the strategy to your risk appetite and liking.

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Something Custom?

Need a custom indicator developed for you to streamline your manual trading? Do you have a strategy you want automated? Need some guidance? MooMooForex specializes in custom developments and consulting for FXCM Trading Station and MarketScope.

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